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  • Reviewed August 2021   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  "Perfect for our 2 families!" - Antonella's house is beautiful and spacious, perfect for our group of 8. Simona review from Facebook.
Top 5 Trullos to Stay in Puglia in 2023

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    Puglia, Italy, known for its stunning coastline, mouth-watering cuisine, and charming towns, Puglia is the perfect destination for a perfect vacation. And what better way to experience the region than by staying in a trullo with a private pool? Join us as we explore the top five trullos with private pools to stay in Puglia in 2023,and get ready to plan your ultimate Italian getaway!

    1. Discover the Traditional yet Captivating Ambiance of Trullo Matilde

    With 3 bedrooms for 6 Guests

    Trullo Matilde Instagram Account:

    Trullo Matilde, a quiet holiday villa, will amaze you. This beautifully repaired trullo in Martina Franca is a Puglia gem! Three beautiful bedrooms may accommodate six visitors in this unique apartment. Furthermore, A fully equipped kitchen, a large dining space, and a patio with breathtaking views of the countryside await you. Additionally, WiFi and a satellite-enabled flat-screen TV keep you connected. You’ll sleep like royalty on premium laundered linen. Also, White stone walls cool you in summer. With Puglian Maiolica bathroom walls, each bedroom takes you back to the Renaissance. Moreover, the second bedroom has a fireplace for cold nights.

    Bedroom 1

    Step into a world of comfort and style in this private villa’s modern-traditional Puglian fusion bedroom.

    Bedroom 2

    A double bedroom with signed premium laundrette washed linen

    Bedroom 3

    From sleek lines to classic accents, this bedroom seamlessly combines modern and traditional design for a truly timeless look.

    White stone walls interior

    Stone walls to keep you cool in the summer

    Bedroom 3

    From sleek lines to classic accents, this bedroom seamlessly combines modern and traditional design for a truly timeless look.

    Traditional Puglian Bathroom

    Bathroom walls decorated with traditional Puglian Maiolica dating back to renaissance period

    Trullo Matilde’s Rooms and Accommodation:

    Trullo Matilde’s Outdoor Amenities and Exciting Activities to do:

    Prepare to be swept away by the tranquil beauty of Trullo Matilde! The trullo offers an outdoor dining experience that will take your breath away, nestled amidst a lush canopy of vineyards and gardens, complete with top-notch grill facilities. But that’s just the beginning! The private pool is the true star of the show, and it’s easy to see why. Imagine basking under the sun, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of antique olive groves nearby. As the evening falls, the pool takes on a new life, with exquisite lighting that adds to the already mesmerizing ambiance. 

    Night of delight

    Delight at the romantic alfresco dining at night and share the food and stories with your loved ones

    Private Pool

    Private pool with 4 extra comfortable deck chairs and pillows

    Under the Shade

    Antique olive grove – with some of the best trees surrounding the area

    2. Unforgettable Puglia Retreat: Discover the Homely Charm of Trullo S. Vincenzo

    With 3 Bedrooms for 8 Guests

    Trullo S. Vincenzo

    Instagram Account:

    Nestled in the picturesque town of Monopoli, Puglia, Italy, lies a vacation that feels like home: Trullo S. Vincenzo. This traditional trullo has been beautifully restored to create a unique and charming holiday destination that will take your breath away.

    Trullo S. Vincenzo’s Rooms and Accomodation:

    Location distinguishes Trullo S. Vincenzo from the others. This trullo is close to Monopoli and Puglia’s best beaches, making it a great base for exploring the region. Furthermore, its 3 air-conditioned double bedrooms and couch bed can sleep 8 people, making it ideal for 3 couples and large families. One room has a sleek mirror. Also, All rooms include flat-screen TVs, complimentary wifi, and tea makers. Trullo S. Vincenzo’s old walls add to its appeal. This trullo also has a private entrance and 24-hour security, so you can relax. Truly, with these comforts, you can concentrate on making memories and enjoying Puglia!

    Bedroom 1

    A harmonious blend of modern and puglian traditional elements make this private villa’s bedroom a truly unique and inviting space.

    Bedroom 2

    An airconditioned bedroom with a closet, white interior and touch of puglian decoration.

    Bedroom 3

    Bedroom with garden view and a window that give off natural lighting

    Trullo S. Vincenzo’s Outdoor Amenities and Exciting Activities to do:

    As the day wears on, guests can head to the terrace to witness a spectacular sunset or sip your favorite wine pool while exchanging stories and laughter with your loved ones beside the private pool.  When the stars come out at night, the magic truly begins! Delight in the romantic glow of the lights hanging outside the trullo, and bask in the dreamy ambiance of your surroundings.

    Looking for a unique cooking experience? Make use of the fully-equipped outdoor kitchen and gather your friends for an evening of culinary creativity. Then, take a seat on the cozy couch beside the trullo and savor your delicious creations in the charming pergola setting.

    Romantic glow

    The golden lights at the patio gives off a dreamy ambiance at night

    Terrace’s free and amazing view

    Terrace with handcrafted chairs and table with this free amazing view

    Cute kitchen

    Impeccable clean and fully-equipped kitchen guests can use for their cooking

    Beat the Heat!

    Cool off at Trullo San Vincenzo’s swimming pool with lounge chairs next to a yard

    3. Tenuta Trullo Acquaro: A Private Villa secluded in the historic location between Cisternino and and Ostuni

    With 5 Bedrooms for 9 Guests

    Tenuta Trullo Acquaro Ostuni

    Instagram Account:

    Are you seeking a tranquil escape from the chaos of life? Tenuta Trullo Acquaro Ostuni is a perfect estate situated between the historic towns of Ostuni and Cisternino, showcasing this relaxing trulli restored into beautiful guest accommodations.

    Tenuta Trullo Acquaro Ostuni’s Rooms and Accommodation:

    Escape to the breathtaking countryside of Italy and indulge in the ultimate luxury vacation at this magnificent villa. It has five exquisite and spacious bedrooms and can comfortably accommodate up to nine guests. Enjoy the convenience of clean bathrooms, each complete with a shower and bidet. This idyllic villa is the perfect destination for families and couples alike, with plenty of room for everyone to relax and unwind. fully equipped kitchen and show off your culinary skills, or simply reconnect and browse the internet using the free Wi-Fi. With original ancient walls inside the trullo, you’ll be transported back in time as you experience the rich history and culture of this stunning region.

    Bedroom 1

    Apulian Traditions Meet Contemporary Comfort in this Private Villa Double Bedroom

    Bedroom 2

    Relax in style in this stunning private villa bedroom, featuring a perfect balance of contemporary and traditional design elements.

    Bedroom 3

    Experience the Best of Apulian and Modern Design in this Stunning Private Villa Double Bedroom

    Bedroom 4

    The Modern-Apulian Double bedroom and provided with soft towels for the guests

    Tenuta Trullo Acquaro Ostuni’s Outdoor Amenities and Exciting Activities to do:

    Take in the stunning Italian countryside from the comfort of the pergola, complete with cozy chairs and a table perfect for hanging out with your friends and family. Or, unwind on one of the two outdoor patios, with handcrafted sofa chairs with soft pillows – the ultimate spot to sip drinks and soak up the sun. Cool off in the sparkling swimming pool or bask in the warm Puglian sunshine on the nearby lounge chairs. And when you’re ready to explore, head to the nearby Torre Guaceto Reserve and Archaeological Museum Egnazia for a taste of the local culture. Ostuni Touring offers exciting and informative tour of Ostuni that will make memorable moments in your trip.

    With so many indulgent amenities at your fingertips, Trullo S. Vincenzo is the perfect place to unwind, recharge, and create unforgettable memories with your friends and family!

    Escape to Paradise

    Lounge Poolside in this Private Villa’s Stunning Oasis

    Outdoor Kitchen

    Grill, Steam, Boil your favorite dishes in the outdoor kitchen of Tenuta Trullo Acquaro

    A Breath of Fresh Air

    Handcrafted sofa chairs with soft pillows at the pergola where you can relax or have drinks with your friends

    4. The Whole Package: Why Trullo Pietra Bianca is the Perfect Staycation Destination

    Luxury Villa for a Maximum of 10 Guests

    Trullo Pietra Bianca

    Website: Tenuta Trullo Pietra Bianca

    Welcome to Tenuta Trullo Pietra Bianca, the ultimate holiday destination in the center of Ostuni’s lush countryside! Known as the “White City”, Ostuni is just a drive away at the Adriatic Sea, this luxurious villa is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here, you can enjoy a truly authentic Puglian experience, without sacrificing the finer things in life!

    Trullo Pietra Bianca’s Rooms and Accommodation:

    With three spacious and comfortable bedrooms and a cozy sofa bed, Trullo Pietra Bianca can accommodate up to ten guests, making it the perfect choice for intimate family gatherings and special events. Immerse yourself in the coziness of the handcrafted sofa chairs, carefully chosen to create a warm and inviting ambiance that will make you feel right at home. And when it comes to modern amenities, the villa got you covered! From free Wi-Fi to air conditioning, heating, TV, indoor jacuzzi and even mosquito nets, every detail has been thoughtfully considered to ensure every guest’s absolute comfort and convenience.

    Bedroom 1

    A Modern-Apulian Double Bedroom with a photo of the holy family above the bed’s headboard

    Bedroom 2

    A bedroom with a double Canopy bed with the Holy family’s photo above the bed’s headboard

    Bedroom 3

    Bedroom with garden view and a window that give off natural lighting.

    Sofa Bed at the Living Room

    A guest can also sleep at the living room’s soft and cozy sofa bed

    Trullo Pietra Bianca’s Outdoor Amenities and Exciting Activities to do:

    Indulge in a luxurious getaway at our exquisite villa, complete with a private swimming pool that’s perfect for basking in the warm sun and savoring refreshing dips. As the sun sets, bask in the romance of the elegant and lighted poolside.

    Enjoy the convenience of free private parking, and explore the wonders of the surrounding region, including the picturesque town of Alberobello, and the vibrant city of Taranto and Brindisi – Salento Airport. Moreover, guests can take a short drive to Ostuni and the surrounding towns, or explore the lush countryside on a leisurely bicycle ride to the supermarket. Book a rental bike and experience a guided bike tour around Ostuni at E-bike Travel. Take a stroll among the fragrant olive trees that surround the villa and savor the natural beauty of the tranquil surroundings during your free time. With so much to see and do, your dream vacation awaits at Trullo Pietra Bianca!

    Plunge and be amazed!

    Plunge and get out of the water with this stunning view at the pool

    Taranto City

    Photo taken by @ferrerougo : A Coastal city with  a rich history known for its beautiful beaches, historic architecture, and vibrant cultural scene.

    Photo by @antonio.globetrotter: The villa is only  5 km from the center of Ostuni, known as “White City” and its maze-like streets and alleys.

    Salento Airport

    Photo by : Salento Airport is just a few minutes drive away

    Torre Guaceto Reserve

    Photo by @costasalento_estateagency: Top attraction and recommended tourist that is a protected marine and nature reserve, 15km only from the villa

    5. Trullo Bosco Libero Ostuni, Your Exclusive Haven in the Italian Countryside

    With 1 Bedroom for 2 Guests

    Trullo Bosco Libero Ostuni

    Instagram Account:

    Let the stress of everyday life melt away as you bask in the peaceful serenity of your surroundings, breathing in the fresh scent of the surrounding olive groves. Whether you’re lounging on the patio or taking in the breathtaking views from the pool, Trullo Bosco Libero Ostuni is the ultimate destination for a rejuvenating and unforgettable vacation!

    Trullo Bosco Libero Ostuni’s Rooms and Accommodation:

    Trullo Bosco Libero, a stunning stone structure that dates back 180 years and has been lovingly restored to offer a truly unique vacation experience. Nestled in the olive trees of the Ostuni countryside, it is located between Ostuni and Cisternino, in a dominant position, with a splendid view of the Itria Valley and Ostuni, the White City, in the background. This prime location makes it the perfect romantic getaway for couples seeking to celebrate a special occasion, such as an anniversary or honeymoon.

    The villa has white stone walls that keep the interior perfectly cool during the warm summer months. The villa can accommodate 2 guests in its double bedroom. Revel in the modern amenities, including Wi-Fi, a comfortable double bedroom, a cozy sitting room, a bathroom with shower, and a fully equipped kitchen complete with all the appliances guests will need. 

    Bedroom 1

    The Modern-Apulian double bedroom and tranquility in design

    Living Room

    Sofa bed at the living room that can sleep surrounded with white stone walls that can cool the room at night

    Well-maintained Bathroom,sink and toilet

    A modern and sophisticated bathroom space

    Family Fun in the Kitchen

    Make lasting memories cooking together in this family-friendly kitchen

    Trullo Bosco Libero Ostuni’s Outdoor Amenities and Exciting Activities:

    The sea is a few kilometers away, beaches with turquoise sea and the Torre Guaceto nature reserve is 15 minutes’ drive waiting to cool-off guests on hot days. There are many towns and historic villages to visit nearby!

    If guests want to stay within the villa premises, they can stroll the nearby two hectares of olive trees, which yield a wonderful organic oil, fruit trees and wild meadow full of native plants, flowers and a rock garden of succulent plants. Additionally, guests can take a dip in the shimmering saltwater swimming pool, surrounded by lush plants, flowers, and soak up the sun in the large pergola living area complete with a second outdoor kitchen, perfect for hosting barbecues and gatherings with friends and family.

    When guests are ready to explore the stunning surroundings, they can head to the nearby turquoise water beaches or visit the Torre Guaceto nature reserve, just 15 minutes away, to cool off on hot days. 3 Sensi accepts bike rental and tours all around Monopoli,or be stored inside your holiday’s house. For convenience, transfers can be arranged upon request, allowing you to sit back and relax as you embark on your next adventure. 

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