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  • Reviewed July 2020  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  "The location is great!" - Not only a fantastic Villa but also a great spot for visiting the beautiful villages in the area (Polignano, Monopoli, Alberobello), all about 15 km away. Marylin booked on Airbnb.
  • Reviewed July 2020  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  "Lovely place, clean and thought out to the smallest detail!" - Very friendly and helpful hosts. Highly recommended. Simona review from Facebook.
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  • Reviewed August 2021   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  "Perfect for our 2 families!" - Antonella's house is beautiful and spacious, perfect for our group of 8. Simona review from Facebook.
With private Pool or Jacuzzi
5 Best Private Villas in Ostuni, Puglia

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    In this blog, we are thrilled to present five incredible private villas available for rent in the enchanting town of Ostuni, Puglia. From breathtaking views to unique Puglian interiors, these villas offer an unforgettable and immersive experience for those seeking a truly memorable getaway! So, pack your bags and get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of Ostuni because these villas are waiting for you!

    1. A Taste of Home: Revel in Homely Ambiance at Panta Rei

    With One Bedroom Villa for Two Guests

    Panta Rei

    Instagram Account: @pantarei_luxuryroom_ostuni

    Panta Rei Rooms and Accommodation:

    Panta Rei is located in a quiet, secluded area Monopoli just minutes from the beach and all the amenities of Ostuni. The villa is perfect for couples especially that it has a spacious 1 double bedroom. The villa features a spacious living room with fireplace, a well-equipped kitchen, and one or more bedrooms. The villa has a private jacuzzi, perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating.

    Bedroom 1

    Modern Apuglian bedroom for two

    Bedroom 1

    Modern Apuglian bedroom for two

    Corner for small talks

    Have your stay in the most comfortable and modern accommodation.

    Closet with Mirror

    Sliding closet for storage of guests’ clothes

    Panta Rei Highlight: Dip and feel refreshed at the Indoor Jacuzzi !

    One of the highlights of Panta Rei is the indoor jacuzzi, which is the perfect place to relax after a long day of exploring. Furthermore, uests can unwind and relax in the private indoor jacuzzi. Imagine the bliss as the warm, bubbling water envelops you, soothing your weary muscles and transporting you to a state of pure relaxation!

    A view that screams distressing and relaxation

    Dip in the jacuzzi  while having your favorite glass of wine

    Way to the private Jacuzzi

    The way towards the jacuzzi has traditional apulian interior white stones

    Incredible Activities during Stay at Panta Rei

    In addition to the indoor jacuzzi, Panta Rei also offers a number of outdoor amenities, including a sun terrace to view the beautiful sunset at Ostuni, and a barbecue area to grill meat or fish. Guests can also enjoy a variety of exciting activities in the surrounding area, such as hiking, biking, and swimming.

    For cycling lovers, Puglia Bike Rentals conducts classic bike tours along the hilly and partly flat Mediterranean tracks in Ostuni.  For couples who will stay at the villa, a bottle of wine can be enjoyed for two at the mini bar. Truly, anyone can have a great time at the villa even in its small space.

    2) Villa Anfora con Piscina: Private Villa with Two Separate Apartments

    With Eight Guests across Three Bedrooms

    Villa Anfora con Piscina

    Website: Villa Anfora con piscina, Ostuni

     Villa Anfora Rooms and Accommodation:

    This amazing villa offers the perfect blend of elegance and relaxation, with its stunning white stone architecture and a private pool that beckons you to dive in and soak up the sun. The villa consists of two independent apartments, both thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and privacy.

    It has 2 bedrooms which can accommodate 8 guests. The villa has an enticing porch, complete with a cozy lounge area, a barbecue for delicious outdoor meals, and a table that sets the stage for memorable gatherings under the open sky.

    Bedroom 1

    Clean and spacious room with soft cushions, pillows and duvet.

    Bedroom 2

    A double bedroom with Chianca Flooring, a typical Puglia home structure

    Shower and Toilet

    The Blue and White tiled bathroom

    Dining set-up

    Apulian dining area setting with white stone interior and Chianca Flooring

    Villa Anfora Highlight: Wide Private Pool perfect for Summer Dips

    Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury as you take a refreshing plunge into the private pool of the villa. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat or an epic poolside party, this aquatic haven is your ultimate ticket to aquatic bliss!

    Soak in the water! Have fun!

    Enjoy swimming and create memories that will last at the pool 

    Your perfect poolside escape awaits

    Experience ultimate relaxation and luxury by immersing yourself in the crystal-clear waters of our private villa pool.

    Villa Anfora’s Outdoor Activities and Activities to enjoy:

    Aside from spending the time soaking at the private pool, guests can take a tour at the beautiful and exciting tourist spots near Villa Anfora. Discover narrow alleys, the iconic Piazza della Libertà, and S. Oronzo column. From here, explore the wonders of Ceglie Messapica, Cisternino, and Alberobello with its ancient trulli. Journey north to Egnazia, Polignano a Mare, and Monopoli. Head south to Torre Guaceto, Brindisi, and Lecce.

    And to the west, lies Taranto. To truly immerse yourself in the wonders of Ostuni, Utracks is a team of passionate and knowledgeable at exploring Ostuni. Their expert guides will take you on a captivating journey through the city’s rich history, fascinating landmarks, and hidden gems. Ostuni is truly your gateway to an unforgettable journey through Puglia’s riches.

    3) Tranquil Villa for all: Unveiling the Hidden Abode of Trullo Tranquillo

    With 3 Bedrooms for 6 Guests

    Trullo Tranquillo

    Website: Trullo Tranquillo

     Trullo Tranquillo Rooms and Accommodation:

    Picture yourself basking under the sun, with a refreshing cocktail in hand while sitting on a lounge chair at the private pool. The private pool will invite you to take a swim and enjoy the refreshing view of olive trees nearby. A patio with two sets of tables and chairs are nearby whenever you want to rest.

    Bedroom 1

     Extraordinary good and very clean bedroom

    Bedroom 2

    Cozy and spacious bedroom with double bed, soft bed sheets and cover and pillows

    Bedroom 3

    2 Single Beds, soft mattress and cool room for two

    Trullo Tranquillo Highlight: Private Pool with Pristine Water and Patio

    Picture yourself basking under the sun, with a refreshing cocktail in hand while sitting on a lounge chair at the private pool. The private pool will invite you to take a swim and enjoy the refreshing view of olive trees nearby. A patio with two sets of tables and chairs are nearby whenever you want to rest.

    Private pool perfect for small families and friends hang-out

    Guests can use the luxurious basement pool of the villa during their stay

    Amazing view of the Patio

    After swimming in the pool, guests can sit down over the patio and take a rest.

    Pool Luxury Vibe

    The pool with lights during night at the villa

    Trullo Tranquillo Outdoor Amenities and Activities to enjoy

    The villa is surprisingly near Pascarosa train station which is 5 km away as well as Train Casa del Parco which is 7 km from the villa. Golosiamo Bar Pizzeria, a famous pizza restaurant, is just a 30-minute drive away, too. Moreover, Archaeological Museum Egnazia is 34 km from the villa, while San Domenico Golf is 34 km away. Indeed, Trullo Tranquillo’s prime location in Ostuni itself provides great access to beautiful and historical places.

    4. Trullo Melograno: One of the the Best Villa for Families in Ostuni

    Two Villas with Three Bedrooms for 18 Guests

    Trullo Melograno

    Instagram Account: @trullo_melograno_ostuni

    Trullo Melograno is a majestic villa located in Ostuni. Each bedroom has access to a balcony. It has private parking and free Wi-Fi. The villas have super clean bathrooms and a well-equipped kitchen. It also has a terrace, garden views and a private bathroom with bidet and free toiletries. Indeed, it is truly a house designed to spend one’s dream holiday!

    Bedroom 1

     Simply good and  clean bedroom for two

    Bedroom 2

    Cozy and spacious bedroom with double bed, soft bed sheets and cover and pillows

    Bedroom 3

    2 Single Beds, soft mattress and cool room for two

    Dine-in for Six!

    Serve and eat your meals in the dining area good for 6 people

    Trullo Melograno Rooms and Accommodation:

    When guests step inside the premises of Melograno, its wide greenery and outdoor views will surely grab your attention. The outdoor is perfectly clean and well-maintained by the villa’s hosts. You can stroll around it during your rest time. An alfresco dining is situated inside the premises where family dinner can be hosted.

    Wide outdoor Space

    The outdoor premises of the villa offers variety of amenities for guests, too

    Dine under the Sun

    Savor the flavors of nature in this Alfresco setting

    Poolside Paradise

    Fulfill your swimming vacation plans at the private pool

    Trullo Melograno Outdoor Amenities and Activities to Enjoy

    Aside from the private pool, balcony, terrace and garden of Trullo Melograno is also a neighbor of wonderful places in Ostuni. Moreover, the villa is located 37 km from Torre Guaceto Reserve where guests can do boat riding and swim at the sea. Torre Guaceto Reserve has the perfect itinerary for you. Prepare to be enthralled by the tales, legends, and secrets that lie within this extraordinary destination. Renting a yacht for a more immersive experience of sea nearby at Marco Carani Nautica is also a great way to spend your days at Ostuni. Lastly, for those looking to hit the sea, Ostuni Marina beach is just 8 km from Trullo Tranquillo which offers endless stretches of pristine coastline to enjoy.

    Private Pool at Night

    Relax and spend the time in the romantic vibe of the pool at night

    Mini garden beside the pool

    Some greenery and floral touch by the pool

    5. Villa Saracena Ostuni: A Villa with a with Private Pool

    A Luxury Villa for 6 Guests across 3 Bedrooms

    Villa Saracena Ostuni

    Instagram Account: @villa_saracena_ostuni

    Villa Saracena Rooms and Accommodation:

    Villa Saracena Ostuni a true haven of luxury nestled in the captivating town of Ostuni. This luxury villa for rent is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered, offering a delightful blend of elegance, comfort, and relaxation. Indulge in the ultimate escape as you lounge by the inviting swimming pool, allowing the cool waters to wash away the worries of the outside world.

    Bedroom 1

    Unwind and recharge in the soft cushioned bed

    Bedroom 2

    A Bedroom with white interior complete with bedroom essentials

    Bedroom 3

    A simple bedroom with nice lighting

    Villa Saracena Highlight: Outdoor Cooking and dining

    Villa Saracena outdoor has a large solarium with chaises longues and stone seats in pure local style and a large area dedicated to outdoor cooking with a shaded patio for poolside dinners and lunches. Sip your juice drink while being half-immersed in the pool. The swimming pool grabs the attention of anyone who will enter the luxury villa due to its wide size and pristine water.

    The Private Pool at Day

    Dive into the serene and pristine pool

    The Private Pool at Night

    Experience time tranquility in the pool during night

    Outdoor mini kitchen and dining setting

    Embrace the fresh air and delectable flavors as you indulge in your favorite dishes.

    Villa Saracena Outdoor Amenities and Activities to enjoy

    Discover the enchanting Villa Saracena, nestled in the beautiful town of Ostuni, just a short drive away from its historic center and the mesmerizing sea. With its sprawling hectare of olive grove, this serene haven invites guests to indulge in leisurely strolls or embark on invigorating bike rides during their breaks.

    For couples seeking a romantic escape, Villa Saracena offers the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable evening by the poolside. As the sun sets, the enchanting lights and captivating atmosphere create a setting that will leave lasting memories in your hearts.

    Furthermore, Villa Saracena serves as an excellent starting point to explore the wonders of Puglia. Situated just 8 kilometers from the sea, 36 kilometers from the nearest airport, Brindisi-Salento, and within close proximity to renowned attractions, such as the Trulli of Alberobello (38 km), the picturesque town of Polignano a Mare (45 km), and the awe-inspiring caves of Castellana (46 km), your options for exploration are endless.

    The Grotti de Castellana offers with its guided cave tours led by their experienced and multilingual staff. Embark on a fascinating journey that winds along a comfortably paved trail, taking you approximately 70 meters underground. Prepare to be captivated by the astonishing scenery, adorned with stalactites, stalagmites, fossils, and whimsically named cavities and caves.

    Take a refreshing swim at the pool

    Discover a sanctuary of pure bliss by the private pool of our Puglian retreat.

    Aerial view of the Villa

    Olive groove surrounding the villa

    Hop on a virtual tour of five remarkable villas in Ostuni, each offering its own unique charm and allure. From breathtaking views to luxurious amenities, these villas offer unforgettable experiences. Whether you seek a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a rejuvenating retreat with friends, Ostuni has it all. Leave your worries behind and indulge in the rich history, delectable cuisine, and pristine beaches of the White City. Lastly,book your stay in one of these incredible villas and immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of Ostuni. Your dream vacation awaits!

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